There are a number of reasons this could occur:

  1. The retailer does not accept Mastercard/contactless.  
  2. You don’t have enough money available on your card. 
  3. Your card is damaged.
  4. Your card has expired.
  5. You have reached the daily or 4-day transaction limits – see summary table in terms and conditions for full details.
  6. The  amount exceeds the contactless limits for that country.
  7. You have reached the contactless counter limits and must enter your PIN. 
  8. You have entered the PIN incorrectly three times and blocked the chip on your card. You need to re-set it at a main high street bank ATM via PIN Services. 
  9. We have red flagged the card for security purposes or on your instructions.   

If none of the above apply and you still have restrictions on your spending power, please contact the Fandom pay team for technical support. 

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